Chapter 32 The Instructions

  1. Follow all instructions.

  2. Keep an open mind.

  3. Start with a feeling of elation.

  4. Ignore all advice and influence that conflicts with EasyPeasy.

  5. Resist any promise of a temporary fix.

  6. Get it clear in your mind: porn provides no genuine pleasure or crutch and you aren’t making a sacrifice. There’s nothing to give up and no reason to feel deprived.

  7. Don’t wait to quit, do it now!

  8. Make a decision never to watch again and never question it.

  9. Remember there is no such thing as just one peek.

  10. Never watch porn again.

32.1 Affirmations

  • I’m free from the slavery of porn.

  • It’s easy to ignore my thoughts about porn.

  • Bye-bye thoughts, bye-bye urges. Oh, there go my cravings.

  • I focus my subconscious mind to overcome porn addiction.

  • Porn steals my time, energy and vitality.

  • Beating porn gets exponentially easier day by day and in every aspect.

  • I enjoy and value my porn-free, strong, happy, light and easy lifestyle.

  • If I look back and think about my progress, it gives me great joy and pride in myself.

  • Every time I see other porn users I get more motivated to see myself break that chain.

  • All that pent-up energy is healing my body and mind. Then, I can do more productive and challenging work towards my values and goals.

  • My brain is getting back in correct shape, getting exercised by me not doing what I was previously doing.

  • Now all that pent-up willpower is being used to handle lightweight stresses and strains of life.

  • Great, I’m free and no longer a slave!